Camp and stories

I went to camp this weekend (with my Girl Guide patrol) and had an AWESOME time I did a lot of fun stuff (thats is a secret) and made my own meals! Even though I had an awesome time it was nice to see the fam again.Here are some pics I took with my friends :

Victoria and I
Victoria and me
(A friend from guides and school)

I made up a short scary\funny camp story about Madisons doll this is it :

It was a VERY dark and stormy night Linda-londa needed to get ready to go down the cat-walk then suddenly… (KA-BOOM!)  something had exploded… it was Linda-londa she exploded with beautifulness so she walked down the outdoors cat-walk.

Hey this is off topic but heres a little story I wrote:

A blog about Bob the blob


Bob the blob lives in a log(-well not a log but bob likes to call it that) and has many nicknames; Little Bob the blob(when he was little),Big bad Bob the blob, Billy bob the blob jr and his former nickname is; Big bad Bob the blob in the log. This is his story from beginning to end; Bob the blob started out as an ordinary piece of jello but people started to add and add to him and he got VERY big. One of his FAVOURITE things to do was eat cheese syrup and bananas in bed-oh ya and I left out one of his nicknames-  Big banana bob.He kept a blog called- Bob the blob’s blog and this is the web sites name- . S-Wait a minute I have some of his  pieces!  Um… Oh here they are!

How I met Larry


Hi I’m Bob- Bob the Blob I live in a log(its not a log but I like to call it that) but somehow I have an internet connection, So I’m going to take advantage and write a blog.


  • Ok BOB, so after the party do you want to go out for gelato?


The other day my friend and I were walking- wait thats not interesting what’s interesting is how we met – I was Invited to a christmas party while I was getting some punch and Harry Larry (my friend) was getting punch too and someone bumped into him and made him spill punch all over me and this is the conversation we had-

  • Oh my I am SO sorr- wait where is the stain?

  • Its ok my coat is liquid proof.

  • Oh- few. Wait why is your skin blue?

  • I’m basically a vad of jello.

  • Hum… that’s really cool but how did you get so big?

  • People just kept adding and adding to me.

  • So what’s your name? Mine’s Harry Larry, you can call me Larry for short.

  • I’m Bob the Blob you can call me Bob for short.

  • Cool,I think the party ends in half an hr

  • Ya, lets go to La Casa Gelata it has 218 flavours.

  • ya lets go there.

  • lets meet at the door when the party is over.

  • Ok, well I’m going to dance

  • Ok see you later.

So thats how I met Harry Larry.

how i got my dog


this is how i got my dog Bailey:


I was in the next best thing to fastbucks (whale’s coffee) reading and when I looked up I saw the most adorable dog and I said to myself “I should get a dog.” And so the next day I went to the s.p.c.a  and looked at all the dogs they had, but one in particular caught my eye- a black and white husky. I went home and thought about it and it took me and hr to decide whether to get her or not but I got her and I named her… Bailey.


So those where a couple of Bob’s posts. Hey do you want to see a couple emails Bob and I wrote back and forth? Ok here they are:

Dear Bob,

             how are you? I’m doing good. How’s Bailey? What are you doing this week? I’m on spring break this week.Hows Larry? We should meet up sometime. You should get a job, or do you already have one? If not I found some applications here are the web sites: and . Hope you have a good day


                              Truly your friend,



Dear Emma,

                 Thanks for all the questions it makes me feel appreciated.I’m doing really good.Bailey is doing very good, I recently discovered that SHE loves bananas just as much as I do. this week I’m not doing much, just taking Bailey to the dog park maybe hanging out with my friends.Larry is doing VERY good.Yes we should meet up sometime.Thanks for the job applications I applied for both and I got both and they’re both part time.


                                             Truly YOUR friend,

                                                                        Bob the Blob


Dear Bob,

             this is going to be a short email,thats great that you’re doing awesome.

              your friend,



I think I have a snap-shot of Bob and I…… Oh sorry HE has some pictures of us sorry this is the end of my blog post today. You can find me again at Thanks for reading my blog! Read again soon!



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