I did some research on dogs.

I love dogs but my personal favourite kind of dog is a boxer(and Vizslas), and puppies they’re so cute! Why do I love Boxers and Vizslas so much?,  Because I had a Boxer,his name is Ferris, he may sound mean but he is SO sweet and he loves to meet people and interact with other dogs and he loves to cuddle. We soled him to someone who has more time to walk him and he has a huge backyard. I love and miss Ferris a lot.

    Boxers live life as puppies for a while and so they are most likely to be “called the Peter Pan of the dog world.” some people cut boxers ear ouch!  And people cut boxers tails ouch!

You must exercise a boxer a lot a lot a lot. I was reading a text and this is what it said “Worms are like a terrible nightmare to both the owner and the dog itself. The most common types of worms that infect dogs include tapeworm, roundworm, ringworm and heartworm.”

           Boxers can be stubborn, Very stubborn.

(Dogs are kind-of my friends)


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