Favourite Vancouver Sites

Hey guys, sorry about my absence lately.

Have you ever be to Vancouver? Well if you have then you probably know that there are a LOT of tourist attractions. But there are four in particular that stand out like Science World, Stanley Park (Sea Wall), The Aquarium and The Burnaby Village Museum.

Otters at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Vancouver Aquarium

At the Vancouver Aquarium there’s an octopus, there are penguins and Dolphins and much more than I can describe . What I like abou the Aquarium is that you get to see so many water animals up close. There are some really fun activities, too. You can watch a dolphin show, go look at the penguins and dress up like an animal doctor and cure sick stuffed dolphins and whales. You can dress up like a dolphin, too!

Beaver Lake, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beaver Lake, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Delphinapterus leucas at Vancouver Aquarium
Delphinapterus leucas at Vancouver Aquarium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Science World

Science world is one of my favourites. When we first moved to Vancouver, we got a family pass. We should have gotten a dad-daughter pass, because my mom doesn’t love these kinds of places. It reminds her too much of work. But my dad and I love science, so we went together a bunch.

What I love about Science world is all the different interactive activities.

There’s a harp with no strings. There’s a human-sized hamster wheel. There are live science shows where if you’re lucky you get chosen from the audience as a volunteer. This has happened to me three times! It’s super fun, interesting and entertaining.

Science World at Night, long exposure, Vancouv...
Science World at Night, long exposure, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Science World viewed from Quebec stre...
English: Science World viewed from Quebec street in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Image is taken during renovation in summer 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t find any awesome pictures of the Burnaby Village Museum or Stanley Park, but I highly recommend checking them out. You won’t be sorry.

Stanley Park

At Stanley Park, on a not-too-busy day, it’s lots of fun to go biking there. You’re right by the ocean, you can run, you can walk with your dog, bring a scooter (not the motor kind), and the Aquarium is right in the park!

Burnaby Village Museum

At Burnaby Village Museum there is a one-room school house, old trains and at the front there is a carousel. It’s a little bit like Heritage Park in Calgary, but smaller.

Whats you favourite thing to do in your city?  If you live in Vancouver,what did I miss?


5 thoughts on “Favourite Vancouver Sites”

  1. Oh Emma! It sounds like you are surrounded by beauty and nature and incredibly interesting things to do! Keep writing, your updates are awesome!

  2. Hi Emma,
    These are great suggestions! I’ve never been to the Aquarium, but it sounds super fun. I think the Sea Wall in Stanley Park, a visit to the Aquarium and Menchies on the way home sounds like the best day. 😀

  3. What a great city you and I live in. I think my favourite of those is Stanley Park. I’m always surprised how large it is and how much there is to do. Jessica and I recently ended up at Spanish Banks or Jericho beach for an evening. It was pretty sweet.

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