5 Ways to be a Kidpreneur

My parents are both entrepreneurs and it’s got me thinking about my future career. Last week I started my own recycling program in our neighbourhood. I pick up their empties every Saturday. Yesterday was my first pick-up.

So far I’ve raised about $182. I’m not totally sure what I’m saving up for yet, but I have a few ideas:

  • Video camera
  • Mapelea Doll
  • A phone

I plan to give ten percent to the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC. I’m pretty excited!

Here are some other ideas for kids like me to make money.

1. Dog Walking

I think it would be AWESOME  to dog walk because you could combined it with two other odd jobs you could Babysit while dog walking and house clean. You could clean the house first then go on a walk with the kid(s) and the dog(s). Then I would take them home and play with the kids.

2. Babysitting

I’m REALLY excited to start babysitting because I already have 2 gigs both of them have a dog and they are both super          nice! F.Y.I to take the babysitting course you have to be at least eleven and to actually babysit you have to be twelve and            the   babysitters these days charge ten dollars an hour.

3. Lawn Mowing

You could combined it with dog walking,babysitting and house cleaning.

4. Car Washing

You could babysit,dog/kid walk, house clean,mow lawns AND car wash! It would make a LOT of money!

5. Rake leaves

You can babysit,dog/kid walk, house clean, mow lawns, car wash and rake leaves.

So those are some ideas for being a kidpreneur! You can combined babysitting with a bunch of odd jobs!


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to be a Kidpreneur”

  1. The recycling program sounds awesome–and it’s great you’ll be helping out some animals in need! I think you’ll make a great babysitter, too. You’re very good at making up games and being entertaining! 🙂

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