We Laugh A Lot Too!

imageAs you may already know the Fisher lady’s cry a lot. But that dosn’t mean we’re wimps! All it means is we’re HUMAN! It’s a really cool thing our body does it helps us to experience our emotions! Imagine if we were all emotionless robots! We would never have had all the memories that we all have ! That would be sad wouldn’t it! But enough about crying this blog post is going to be happy! We fisher lady’s are ALSO know for our contagious laughter and sense of humor. For example grandma made up a nickname for my grandpa and we all thought it was hilarious and laughed the whole way home. My entire family is crazy… well guess not my ENTIRE family just my grandparents my great-grandma my parents my uncle. So I guess I come from a LONG list of crazy people! But ya we cry, but we laugh a lot too! But that’s the awesome thing you can laugh AND cry! My dog and my grandpa played outside and it made my grandma and I hysterical! We fisher lady’s always try to make the best of things. We always try to have fun. Thats how we roll.