My story in the making Part 1

Chapter 1

The First Day of school

“LILIAN! Have you seen my pencil box!”

“No, Callie I haven’t !”

“Ok Lily I’ll keep looking.”

‘Good’ Thought Lillian. Lillian Freshi was very nervous and she had a reason. She was entering the sixth grade and she was petrified! She was usually not scared at all but today was a big day for her. Her sister Callie on the other hand was entering the fourth grade and was turning 10 in october so she had nothing to worry about Lillian had to worry about the 6/7 grade dance and her enemies Alyssa and Ella. They were terrible to her she had known them since the fourth grade and she despised them and, they despised her.


‘What could she possibly need!’

“Ya Cal?”

“What are you doing?”


“About what?”

‘I guess I can’t be mad at her forever.’ “How to tickle you to death!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T!!!”  Callie was out of the room faster than you could say school.”

“Hey! I found my pencil box!”

“Thats good Callie we need to eat now and get out of the house!”

“Ok”                                                   “Good lets eat.”

Over at Chantelle’s….

“Chantelle you need to eat!”


Chantelle Fonedoer was also very nervous, and for almost the same reason. Alyssa and Ella made fun of her because of her size. Alyssa forced everyone to be her friend and

Lillian had lead Mckenzie, Uniqua, Hermione and herself to form a group of resisters and she loved it.

“Ok done Mom we can go now.”

“Perfect I have to go to work, you’re going to Lillians after school, right?”


“Ok, lets go!”

                           Over at Mckenzie’s…

“Conner? Are you done in the bath room?


“Ok I can wait but hustle a little.”


Mckenzie NonSel had noticed something in Alyssa’s behavior; she was being nicer, Lillian and herself had thought that she was getting weaker she only had one gang member and she looked like she was about to lose her.

“Conner finish up!”


“Mckenzie lei NonSel get down here!”

“Conner’s taking a long time in the bathroom!”

“Then go downstairs!”

“Oh…right hehe.” Mckenzie said sheepishly…

                                           Over at Hermione’s…

“Hermione! Wake up!”

“Errrr…. what?


“Oh, ok.”


Hermione McLagoud was probably the the fiercest out of the group, she was not nervous but excited! She often stood up to Alyssa and Ella but what Alyssa wants Alyssa gets. So she would almost always failed, but would always bounce back with the help of her friends.

“Ok eat up Hermione, I’ve packed your bag so you’re set to go.”


Over at Uniqua’s…

“Uniqua we need to go… now!”

“Ok Dad,I’m ready we can go now.”

“Good, lets go.”

Uniqua was definitely the most unique person in the group and had herself been part of Alyssa’s clique but Lillian,Chantelle,Mckenzie and Hermione had pulled her out of the dark. She always had so much fun with them but also loved to contribute ideas to the group. She always thought of herself immature but her friends thought otherwise.

“Were here Uniqua. Goodbye.”

“Bye dad.”

“Hey guys! How are you?”

“Good.” Said the girls in usion

“What did you do this weekend, Chantelle?”

“Oh you know Uniqua! I was at your place!”

“Right. How about you Lillian?”

“Oh  basically just did homework and hung out with Loane you know, my dog?”

“Yep and you Mckenzie?”

“Oh well on friday l I had to do my paper route and walk the dog and then I just hung out and relaxed.”

“Cool, and you Hermione?”

“Oh well I went to my dads and watched t.v and hung out with him. What bout you?”

“Cool! Oh, well I was bored so I made YouTube videos.”

People always came a few minutes early so they had time to talk to their friends and the gang always came at 8:30 so they had at least 15 minutes to talk and today they had and hour of school, they always did the first day of school.

Every year, the first week of school they meet the teacher they might have and rotate from class to class to meet the teachers, the grade 4s and 7s already know who their teacher is but still rotate, and then on the first friday of the school year the students know who they’re with and in the afternoon go there and thats their class for the rest of the year. Lillian’s parents disapproved of this, they thought it was a waste of time for the kids and the teachers. Lillian thought it was fun and not a waste of time but felt anxious whenever she thought of it.

“Mckenzie, are you as scared as I am?”

“I don’t know on a scale of 1-10 what are you?”

“Nine and a half”

“ I’m a 3.”


Gasp! “Mckenzie,Chantelle,Hermione,Uniqua! Look! Shes opening the door!

“This is it…” said Chantelle with relish

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! This is so exciting!” Squealed Hermione.

The girls entered thinking completely different things; Hermione thinking This is a really nice class room… Chantelle thinking Ella moved away! YAY! Uniqua thinking Wonder what were going to do today? Mckenzie thinking Oh I hope I’m in Astrid’s class! Lillian thinking Why am I so anxious?

Suddenly Mckenzie didn’t show it but she was nervous,Hermione talked louder than necessary, Chantelle sweated like crazy, Uniqua acted the opposite of Uniqa, and Lillian felt like barfing and the panic struck friends entered the class.

By the time the girls had put their things in the cloak room they had calmed down and had sat at a table together.

“Ok everyone sit down, Hello! My name is Mrs Tonleving”…





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